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Coaching & Training for managers and their teams to Transformational Leadership
transformational leadership

Transform your organization by guiding your talents and managers.

Be and Lead suggests custom-made programs of  transformation integrating social skills, creativity and capacity to embody the change. Transformational Leadership specialists, we take your teams towards the personal and collective success.

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Be, Lead & Foster ®

The success of your organization depends on the capacity of your C-Levels to carry and inspire their teams. We conceive behavioral trainings to accompany your company in the development of an innovative and belligerent corporate culture.

The profits are:

  • Better management of stress and pressure
  • Development of a more authentic and successful management
  • Increase of the creativity
  • More collective commitment
  • Better management of the conflicts

This program accompanies the transformation of your organization through three axes of the Transformational Leadership: social skills, leadership and excellence.

Talent Development

The success of your organization also depends on an innovative management of your talents. We conceive development plans by putting in congruence the personal strategy of your collaborators and your strategy business. This program associates techniques of supervision, coaching and training developed in association with FHL Consultants.

The profits are :

  • Decrease of the staff turnover
  • Better recognition of the talents
  • Construction of a collective intelligence based on the Transformational Leadership
  • Increase of the individual and collective performances
  • Positive emulation around social skills
  • Optimization of the personal and professional balance
Action Learning

You wish to strengthen the collective fighting spirit of your team. We propose you a workshop allying coaching and analysis of practices. The speaker deciphers the situations with the group and makes the link between theories and the bases of Transformational Leadership. The participant leaves with an operational action plan.

The profits are:

  • Resolution of the managerial problems in sito
  • Tools adapted to the situations and the concrete cases
  • Pool of experiences and best practices
  • Strengthening of the link between colleagues
Female Leadership

Diversity is a key factor of success for modern companies. We accompany your collaborators to optimize their mechanisms of influence, and increase their personal impact thanks to a mode of Transformational Leadership. By revisiting their potential, they become more actresses of their success. This custom-made program allows you to help the women to integrate high circles of the power and consequently to increase your profitability.

The profits are:

  • Clarification of the ambitions
  • Definition of assets, resources and qualities
  • Recognition of the managerial style
  • Bigger assertiveness
  • Development of the personal branding
360 degrees

The sustainable success of your organization depends on the agility of your managers. 360 degrees is the key tool to transform your leaders by giving them a photography of their personal perception. Our specificity: a bespoke development plan to adopt a Transformational Leadership.

The profits are:

  • Awareness of the manager on its received strengths and weaknesses
  • Identification of its key points and axes of improvement
  • A concrete action plan of transformation improving the performance of your leaders
Be & Lab

Le Lab is an open hub of innovation which allows the experiment of new ways of working together around the Transformational Leadership. Physical and virtual place, it allows to make live an active community on innovative projects.

The contributions of this plan :

  • Strategic tool to convey the values of humanism and innovation
  • Sharing space of best practices
  • Accelerator of broadcasting and development of disruptive projects




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